How many plans can each account subscribe to?

Each account can only subscribe to a maximum of one plan.

How safe is my data?

We use multi-location data backups to ensure that your data is not lost, two hot backups and one cold backup. Security measures such as private networks, firewalls and SSL are used to ensure the security of data transmission.

Will my data be deleted when I unsubscribe?

If you cancel your subscription within the 14-day trial period, your data will be deleted immediately and the trial period has ended. If you cancel your subscription during the billing cycle, the cancellation occurs at the end of the current billing cycle, which may be the following month or year depend on your plan, and you will continue to use our services until the cancellation takes effect.

How do I cancel my account?
  1. Click on user menu on the navbar.
  2. Scroll down to Account section, click on Cancel account link.
  3. Click on Cancel my account button in the pop-up modal window.

After your account is canceled, the data associated with your account will be clear up and cannot be recovered.

Will you share our visitors data with third-party?

No, we do not share any data to third-party.


What kind of payment method does your website support?

We currently only support credit card payment.

How do you handle payment information?

We use the Stripe payment gateway to process payments, your payment information will be stored in Stripe and we will retain a copy of your billing information to generate invoices and receipts. Any card sensitive information does not pass through our servers, we invoke Stripe's API to get and cache the card brand and last four digits data.

Can I upgrade my subscription plan at any time?

Yes, You can upgrade to higher-cost subscription plan at any time, the changes will take effect immediately and prorations come into play during the current billing cycle.

Help center

Can I use my domain name for static content?


Is the page responsive design?

Yes, our static page design makes your web content adapt to the different screen and window sizes of a variety of devices.

Can I rewrite the URL of page?


Images hosting

What types of images can I upload?


What is the maximum image size to upload?


Can I use my domain name in the image URL?


Can I rewrite the URL of image link?


Can I resize an image?

When you upload an image, our server will automatically resize an JPG/PNG image to 480px, 720px, 960px, 1440px, we currently do not support custom image sizes.

Will the images be compressed after uploading?

Yes, our server will automatically compressed and convert JPG/PNG to WEBP format, also keep the original data.

Are data transfers secure?

Yes, All data transmission is encrypted by SSL.

Do you offer a cdn of images hosting?

Yes, current CDN locations for our image servers include: US East, Germany, Singapore. We will add more locations in the future.

Downloads hosting

Can I rewrite the URL of file download link?


Can I customize domain name on downloads page?


Where is your data center located?

US East, Germany, Finland.

Can user download files from different data centers?

Yes, you can configure multiple locations on the setting page.

What is the maximum file size to upload?


Is there a download speed test page?

Yes, click on the link Speed Test then select a location to download file.